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A New Generation of Solutions

I am running for California’s 20th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Why? This is the most common question I hear. Why in the world do I want to run for Congress? There are so many reasons, but in short, I want to serve. I know this may sound trite because I could “serve” anywhere, why in Washington D.C.?



After serving on the City Council and several regional boards, and teaching national security decision making, I have come to really enjoy the policy making process, and even understand a bit about political decision making. The issues that I am most interested in are those at the national level – national security, America’s role in the world, the budget, the environment, water resources, and energy.

But it is not my resume or my professional experience that brings me to this decision; it is my personal life story. This story involves growing up in a low income apartment in Ohio and wanting so badly to change the course of my future. The way that was done was through the support of Ernie, my stepdad. Ernie cashed in his retirement to help me pay for college,  and that gesture changed my life. He believed in me, and he invested in me. He gave me an opportunity to break the cycle of struggle and create a new future. I did go to college, I joined the military, earned an MA and a PhD, traveled the world, and then, in April of 2013 Ernie died – unexpectedly at age 62. I have come to realize that he did more than believe in me. He taught me that I should step up and help others. He showed me that if you can step up and make a difference, you should. And in his death, I learned that life is short. We cannot wait for the perfect circumstances or for all the stars to align, we must take action now. I am taking action now. I am stepping up.

Ernie believed in me and invested in me, and I am asking all of you to believe in me and invest in me. But not just me – believe in this community and this country – believe in our future and invest in the next generation of leaders.


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