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About Casey Lucius

Casey started making her way in this world by bussing tables in restaurants at age 15 and then waitressing at age 16. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio where she was an Ashbrook Scholar, she moved to Columbus, Ohio, to work as a legislative and administrative assistant for a State Representative. This first exposure to public service sparked a lifelong interest in government service. Hoping to advance her education and serve the country, she applied to become an officer in the U.S. Navy.  

In 1998, Casey began her seven years of active duty by graduating from Naval Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida, and then went on to intelligence training in Virginia Beach before moving to San Diego where she served on an aircraft carrier for two years (USS Stennis, CVN-74, named after Senator John C. Stennis). During this assignment, the crew deployed to the Persian Gulf and worked in support of United Nations’ Resolution 1242 against Iraq. She worked with SEAL Team 5 in carrying out maritime interdiction operations in order to halt the export of illegal oil from Iraq, in support of the oil-for-food agreement. 

In 2000, she moved to Monterey to attend the Naval Postgraduate School, where she earned a Master of Arts in National Security Affairs. After completing this graduate program, she was assigned to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and served as the primary daily intelligence briefer for the Commander of the Pacific Fleet. During this time, she also began attending the University of Hawaii to pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science.

Casey and Lieutenant Colonel Bob Lucius, USMC (ret) met in 2001 when they were both students at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. As Casey tells the story, “We were both studying National Security Affairs and we happened to be taking the same class on Chinese foreign policy. I called and asked him out for ice cream and the rest is history!” They got married in 2004 in Key West, Florida. They lived in Hanoi, Vietnam from 2005 - 2008. 

In 2008, Casey and Bob moved back to the United States and were fortunate enough to fulfill their shared dream to be able to return to the Monterey Peninsula and purchase their first home in 2009. Upon signing the contract they learned that Casey was pregnant. Their son Bobby was born in December 2009 at CHOMP. Bob served at the Defense Language Institute until 2011 when he retired after 23 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. In 2009, Casey taught at the Naval Postgraduate School and was eventually hired to teach National Security Decision Making at the Naval War College at NPS. 

Casey’s interest in local government and community service led her to serve the community as an elected official, board member, and volunteer administrator: 

• Elected as the only woman on the Pacific Grove City Council
• Elected as Vice President of the Monterey Bay Division of the League of California Cities
• Served on the Fort Ord Reuse Authority 
• Board of Directors for Jacob’s Heart
• Board Member of the Transportation Authority of Monterey County
• Board Member of the Airport Land Use Commission
• Board Member of the Monterey Peninsula Water Authority
• Advisory Board of Pearl Buck International 
• Member of the Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Board
• Graduate of Leadership of Monterey Peninsula 
• Liaison to the Library Advisory Board and Natural Resources Commission 

Casey and her husband started a group called “VegHeads of Monterey Bay” in an effort to meet other vegetarians who live in the area. The on-line group started with just seven people having potluck dinners, and now we have over 100 members. “We are vegetarians because we love animals and the environment, and as a result, my husband and I also founded a non-profit organization called ‘Kairos Coalition’ which focuses on delivering humane education programs around the world.” The goal is to reach out to children in developing countries to teach them the importance of being kind to animals, being good stewards of the environment, and learning compassionate problem-solving skills. 

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