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Being ready for threats to Western civilization


Being ready for threats to Western civilization

Ever since 9/11 I have been concerned about foreign threats we face like North Korea and Islamic terrorism. So I took a class taught by Casey Lucius at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

I was impressed by Dr. Lucius’ depth of knowledge of foreign and military affairs and her understanding of how to think and prepare strategically for these threats. By “we” I include Europe. Western civilization, which has produced a high quality of life and liberty, is under persistent threats.

On our beautiful Central Coast and Salinas Valley it is easy to neglect horrible news from other parts of the world. Local political campaigns focus on local issues such as prosperity, infrastructure and environment. Yet, in the 21st century we have witnessed many atrocities. Our democratic republics have tried a spectrum of initiatives to defend the West, ranging from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to humanitarian efforts hoping to assuage resentments toward the West.

Lucius’ informed strategic thinking with assertive confidence and collaborative skill make her most able to move our foreign policy toward deterring, and when necessary, confronting these threats.

Her platform at shows good positions for many other issues in District 20, especially our most important industry, agriculture.

— Alan French, Salinas

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