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Casey Lucius is an energetic, caring leader


LETTERS (January 18, 2016)

Casey Lucius is an energetic, caring leader

"As one who was honored to serve our country in the Army for most of my life, I want to respond to Dan Presser’s Jan. 17 letter, “What Congress Needs.” First, it isn’t what Congress needs, it’s what we the people need, here and all over America. Another political dynasty of Washington insiders doesn’t help. Second, this campaign has another veteran, Casey Lucius, whose multiple Navy front-line deployments provided tactical and strategic impact that any military professional would recognize. But VoteVet didn’t bother to talk with Casey Lucius.

During my career I was honored to work next to her as she promoted our nation’s interests in a tough foreign setting. Later, I saw her preparing our next generation of military leaders to meet a difficult future. She did this while working just as hard for our local community.

Casey’s military service, in and out of uniform, combined with her public service to our community, has tempered her into exactly the kind of energetic, thoughtful and caring young leader we need now to strengthen our community, and to protect our nation’s future in an uncertain world."

— Colonel Mark Brice Chakwin, USA(ret.), Pacific Grove

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