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Comparing Panetta, Lucius

Casey Lucius and Jimmy Panetta, both Navy veterans and both candidates for the 20th Congressional District seat, recently participated in a candidate forum in Carmel. Both had received six questions on foreign policy before the forum. Each candidate was allowed three-plus minutes to answer each question.

This format was very refreshing compared with the adversarial press conferences or debates of the presidential candidates. Both candidates had time to prepare.
Panetta did OK. However, he was outmatched by Lucius who has an M.A. degree in national Security Affairs and a PhD in Political Science. She also taught National Security Decision Making at the Naval Postgraduate School.
Panetta serves Monterey County as a deputy district attorney. Lucius serves on the Pacific Grove City Council.

It would be interesting to see how they perform on domestic and economic topics.

Marvin Jones, Hollister

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