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Election forum leaves Impression on attendees

Other survey questions revealed a level of polarization among people in attendance. Seventy-one percent of viewers wrote that they would vote yes for Measure P. Eighty-six percent were not confident that the high school bond funds were being spent appropriately.  Eighty percent thought special training for elected officials would be a good idea (though what type of training had not been specified). One hundred percent of those surveyed thought that citizen involvement is a part of the solution to county issues. Responses to other questions were a bit more divided, with 55 percent of guests saying they had no confidence in San Benito County elected officials, and 65 percent agreeing that increased taxes is not the solution to county woes.
Opinions on county affairs were across the board; the question required voters to circle two of the issues listed on the survey to show which were their biggest concerns for the county. The most-circled issues were the lack of good jobs available in the region and perceived unplanned growth, which were tied for “top of mind” concerns. Transportation proved another point of distress among voters, followed closely by what was described in the survey as “incompetence of leaders," problems with the schools, and a “bad business climate.” Scattered votes were cast for “no sense of community,” the “old families network,” growth in general and “lack of vision.” None of the survey participants selected the categories “power held by too few” or “not inclusive to other social and cultural groups."
How do your opinions fit in with those of the answering group who attended the forum?  Who will best represent you in your district?  For citizens of San Benito County, political forums are an opportunity to better understand the candidates and the measures we will be asked to vote for. Additional forums are slated to be held later this fall prior to the general election in November. Check in with BenitoLink for more information about upcoming events.

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