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Encryption News Release

April 13, 2016

Casey Lucius Opposes Feinstein-Barr Encryption Bill,
Calls it “Privacy Nightmare that is Dangerous to Security” 
SALINAS, CA, April 13, 2016 – Casey Lucius, candidate for Congress to replace Sam Farr, today condemned the proposed legislation soon to be introduced in the U.S. Senate that would have the effect of compelling anyone who provides encryption services to turn over to the government, upon request, anything that is encrypted.
“Protecting our national security is the job of government but it cannot use the mantle of protection to give itself powers that in fact degrade our freedoms. This bill not only intrudes on our privacy but creates a legal requirement for encryption companies to maintain a backdoor that can be breached by foreign powers or criminal hackers. That makes it a privacy nightmare that is dangerous to security,” said Casey Lucius.
The proposed legislation is wrapped in the language of worthy objectives but a detailed reading reveals that it simply requires that anyone who provides encryption, be it for your email, your smartphone or internet use, is required to maintain a backdoor that must be turned over to the government upon obtaining a court order.
Casey Lucius called on her fellow candidates for federal office to join her in opposing these over-reaching and ineffective attempts at defeating private sector privacy protections. “The federal government has at its disposal enough capability to combat terrorism without taking Constitutional shortcuts that are counterproductive to maintaining our security,” said Lucius.
Casey Lucius, who served as a former Professor of National Security at the Naval War College and ran an intelligence unit on The USS Stennis in the Persian Gulf during her active duty tour in the Navy, is a candidate for Congress in California District 20.
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