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Lucius makes strong impression at forum

Lucius makes strong impression at forum

"In Monday night’s forum, two thoughtful, genuinely nice, sincere and passionate candidates gave responses to questions about: United States/Israeli relations; what role the United States should play in Israel/Arab relations; how to deal with Russia’s aggression; how best to deal with the Islamic State; and what to do with the Sunni/Shia conflict in the Middle East (Feb. 9).

Jimmy Panetta did a decent job of reading his responses from behind the podium.

Casey Lucius demonstrated a clearly superior understanding of international politics and the Middle East. She stood away from the podium and spoke to the audience in clear sentences without once looking at prepared notes. She provided specific strategies and logic for each issue at question. She impressed a lot of people at the forum. She deserves some serious attention from voters as our representative in Congress.

The only low blow of the evening came when Panetta tried to tie Lucius to the Republican presidential candidates’ positions on Middle East refugees. Lucius handled the issue with grace, compassion and reason.

Jimmy might be leading the big money race, but based on Monday night’s forum I would prefer Lucius representing the 20th District in Congress."

— Dennis Allion, Del Rey Oaks

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