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Lucius: Panetta twice mischaracterized my views



Lucius: Panetta twice mischaracterized my views

Jimmy Panetta in his responses to the Sentinel’s congressional candidate Q&A published Sunday twice mischaracterized my positions. It’s important to correct the record. On homelessness, my answer clearly acknowledges the need for federal involvement, so the error is obvious.

He also tried to answer the ISIS question for me, but wrongly claimed I proposed “over 20,000” troops. What I have said and written publicly is that senior military leaders, including our former NATO commander, have recommended deploying 15,000-20,000 troops to dismantle ISIS, and I believe the president should give serious consideration to the advice of these military experts. I have addressed this topic at candidate forums and in a recent op-ed. Both of which are available online.

I believe candidates should speak for themselves, and readers can look at unedited, side-by-side answers to a variety of questions from candidate forums on my YouTube site: Better yet, come out in person to one of our debates and judge for yourself.

— Casey Lucius, Pacific Grove

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