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Lucius will work across party lines


LETTERS (December 23, 2015)

Lucius will work across party lines

“Our country is in rapid decline due, in large part, to the fact that the citizenry no longer practices due-diligence when it comes to voting. We’ve allowed the majority of those who govern in Washington to transform the privilege to serve into a personal career employment opportunity. As such, the decisions they make are often self-serving rather than in the long-term best interest of the communities they serve.

The congressional seat that Ms. Casey Lucius is campaigning for has been occupied by a second-generation career politician for the past 24 years. Running against Casey is the son of another career politician. Whether you characterize this aristocracy as “the old boys’ network” or “a glass ceiling,” enough is enough!

With the upcoming election, voters have a chance to stop this nepotistic trend and elect a uniquely well-qualified non-politician who will work across party lines in our best interests rather than hers. Let’s send Casey Lucius to Congress!”

— Lorne Braddock, Monterey

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