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Time to break free from dynastic representation

Time to break free from dynastic representation

Are you tired of “imperial” political families and nepotism running our country? Then consider Casey Lucius for Congress.

For decades, the “good old boy” network has had a stranglehold on local government, to the exclusion of exceptionally well-qualified candidates and the detriment of voters.

Today, however, Monterey County residents finally have a chance to break away from the imperial elites, disrupt the status quo and send an exceptionally well-educated and well-qualified woman to Congress.

Casey Lucius is a wife, mother and a Navy veteran with a Ph.D. in political science who is campaigning for Sam Farr’s soon-to-be vacated congressional seat. Farr, who followed his father’s footsteps into politics, had occupied the seat for 24 years and hopes to hand it off to Jimmy Panetta, a well connected second-generation politician who will meld into Washington’s “good old boy” network on the day he arrives.

With the upcoming election, we the people of Monterey County have a rare opportunity to break free from dynastic representation. Casey Lucius will infuse non-ideological blood into Congress bringing fresh ideas, a new perspective and a personal life story that just might blend some reality into that assemblage of the privileged.

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— Lorne Braddock, Monterey

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