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Vote for knowledgeable leaders, not the party


Vote for knowledgeable leaders, not the party

I attended the Feb. 8 forum with Casey Lucius and Jimmy Panetta (Feb. 9). I am an independent, so I came with an open mind. 

What a contrast. Both of them received the questions in advance. Panetta read all his answers behind a podium, even his closing statement. 

Lucius, on the other hand, stepped away from the podium and spoke without any notes and was clear, concise, thoughtful and outright brilliant with each answer. 

We have enough politicians who memorize and read scripts. We need bright, knowledgeable leaders. I have never been more impressed with an aspiring political leader than I was with Casey. 

The only way one could not vote for her is if they are beholden to the party line and no matter who they were, they would vote for them. 

It’s time to vote for the individual, not the party.

— Brant Bailey, Carmel Valley

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