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Voting for the person and not the political party


Voting for the person and not the political party

I commend Lorne Braddock for his April 20 letter in which he urged voters to end the dynastic Democrat stranglehold on the 20th Congressional District seat by voting for Casey Lucius instead of Jimmy Panetta in November.

Yes, she would bring new ideas, varied accomplishments, a sharp mind and a compelling life story to Congress, but because she has committed the sin of not being a Democrat her chances of winning are zero.
Charles Manson could be on the ballot, but if his name was followed by a (D), a majority of people in this district would, in knee jerk fashion, vote for him.
Only when most voters decide to vote for the person and not the party will outstanding candidates such as Lucius be victorious.

So once again, the vote in November will not be so much an election as a coronation.

— Doug Gamble, Carmel

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