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We need a fresh face

We need a fresh face

Unless you've been locked in a bank vault for a year, you know that political outsiders like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are garnering favor with voters. In fact, folks who haven't bothered to vote are getting signed up so they can make their voices heard in the upcoming primary and general elections. 

Voters appear to be rejecting political dynasties such as the bushes and the Clintons. They seem to want a fresh start in Washington. So I suggest a fresh face for Sam Farr's seat in Congress. Casey Lucius is the perfect candidate for the Central Coast's 20th Congressional District. She's a Navy veteran who served in Naval Intelligence. She taught at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. Casey is on the Pacific Grove City Council. She's a mom and she's very smart. In fact, we should be referring to Casey as Doctor Lucius because she has a PhD in Political Science. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

Jimmy Panetta is also in the race for Sam Farr's seat and the Panetta name is well known in this area, but that's the point. We really need someone outside the good ole boys club to represent our interests in the Congress. Casey has taken the time to make sure she knows all of the issues facing folks living both in the urban areas of the district and in the agricultural areas so vital to helping feed the population of our country.

Keep you eyes on Casey Lucius. She is going places. With you help and your vote for her in the primary and general elections she'll get the support she needs to get to Washington and start getting things done for the Central Coast.

- Lee Schell, King City

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