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Who's who?

Who’s Who?

 I read the recent GT piece on the local Congressional race (GT 12/15), and was left a bit confused by the candidates’ positions. The (party-anointed) Democrat [Jimmy] Panetta made statements about achieving common ground, even if it means crossing the aisle, and facilitating desal plants by securing more federal funding. Casey Lucius, the only Republican—at least for now—states “my husband and I are vegetarians, animal advocates and environmentalists,” and appreciates the need for affordable housing to help people achieve the American Dream. Additionally, the Republican appears to have experienced a much less privileged upbringing than the Democrat.

 Do these two candidates need to switch parties? Or perhaps the voters should! As for me, I don’t have this dilemma—I’ve been a Green Party member for decades! This situation is a good example of how the Democratic Party no longer represents the interests of the common people in our country. Third parties are entering into positions of power in many countries in Europe recently. Hopefully, the time will arrive here soon!   

 Fred J. Geiger, Santa Cruz

January  27, 2016


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