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Some of Casey’s Recent Publications:

"China’s Natural Resource Strategy: ‘Win Without Fighting’" in The Diplomat (2015) can be read here

Interview: “Why Vietnam Should Hold Naval Exercises With U.S.” on WSJ Live (May, 2014). The interview can be heard here

A New American Narrative” (with Adam Lowther) in International Affairs Forum (2014) can be read here

Identifying America’s Vital Interests” (with Adam Lowther) in Space & Defense Journal (Winter 2014) can be read here

Religion and the National Security Strategy” in Journal of Church and State (Winter 2013) can be read here

A Guide to Action: Defining the U.S. National Interest" (with Adam Lowther) in Atlantisch Perspectief (2013) can be read here

Defining Our National Interests” (with Adam Lowther) in Naval Institute Proceedings (November 2013) can be read here

Vietnam's Political Process: How Education Shapes Political Decision Making” (Routledge Contemporary Southeast Asia Series, 2009) available here via

You can read the book’s preface here

China’s Critical Resources Strategy,” in China and International Security: History, Strategy and 21st Century Policy (Vol. 3, Praeger 2014) available here via

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